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In The Thick

Jul 31, 2018

Maria and Julio talk about the news with two all-stars: Callie Crossley, host of Under the Radar on WGBH Radio, and Gabby Rivera, writer, artist, activist and our resident nerdberger. They discuss midterm elections, the latest on immigration policy and the spike of racist hate crimes in the United States.

Jul 27, 2018

It all started with deadly, violent protests against the Nicaraguan government, but did it really? In this special ITT EXTRA, Julio catches up with Latino USA producer Sayre Quevedo to hear the behind the scenes of his reporting for his latest explainer
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  • The crisis in images, from the 

Jul 24, 2018

Four weeks ago, no one knew her name, but now she gives hope for progressives across the country (and around the world). Julio and Maria talk to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about why she decided to run for Congress and what the future will bring for her and the Democratic Party.

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  • Are Alexandria's...

Jul 20, 2018

She was the first Latina to run for vice president with the Green Party in 2008, but Rosa Clemente has long been organizing for political and social change. Maria and Julio talk to Rosa about her organizing work, the rap industrial complex and her independent reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto...

Jul 17, 2018

Julio catches up with all-star guests Raquel Cepeda, filmmaker and author, and Wajahat Ali, TV host and contributor to The New York Times, about all the latest threats to U.S. democracy. They talk about the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki, the rise of the Abolish ICE movement and what might happen with the...